Delegates of the Head of the Department of Sociology and Social Research:

Delegated to Career Fair - Prof.ssa Francesca Sartori

Delegated to C3A Center Agriculture Food Environment - Prof.ssa Francesca Forno

Delegated to Language Centre CLA - Prof. 

Delegated to Collegio Bernardo Clesio - Prof. Giolo Fele

Delegated to Coordination technical support Labor and IDOS - Prof. Ivano Bison

Delegated to Health Studies Program CLAPS - Dott.ssa Annamaria Perino

Delegated to Teaching - Prof. Marco Brunazzo

Delegated to Disabilities and special needs - Prof.ssa Silvia Sacchetti

Delegated to Double degree with Eichstaett - Dott. Gabriele D'Ottavio

Delegated to Laboratory of Data Science - Prof. Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri

Delegated to Equality and Diversity - Prof.ssa Alessia Donà

Delegated to Job Counseling - Prof.ssa Daniela Sicurelli

Delegated to Quality - Prof. Arlo Poletti

Delegated to Privacy - Prof. Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri

Delegated to Special projects - German area - Prof.ssa Stefani Scherer

Delegated to Top Sport Program - Prof. Arlo Poletti

Delegated to International Program - Prof. aggregato Davide Galesi

Delegated to Job prospects - Prof. 

Delegated to Scholar at Risk - Dott.ssa Ester Gallo

Delegated to Security - Prof. Roberto Poli

Delegated to University Library System - Prof. Luigi Blanco

Delegated to Information Systems and ICT - Prof. Ivano Bison

Delegated to Social Media - Dott. Lorenzo Beltrame