The Department’s technicians offer scientific and technical support to the research activities carried out in the Department, as well as assistance in gathering and analyzing the data and the results of the activities, writing research reports and managing all the computer equipment of the Department.
In particular, a very important activity regards data-gathering, carried out through the CATI system (the Faculty has a room for telephone interviews) and WebSurvey. 

Department technicians

Alberto Brodesco
Tel: (+39) 0461 281410, e-mail: alberto.brodesco [at]

Paola Capuana
Tel: (+39) 0461 281319, e-mail: paola.capuana [at]

Enzo Loner
Tel: (+39) 0461 281467, e-mail: enzo.loner [at]

Cristiano Santinello
Tel: (+39) 0461 281321, e-mail: cristiano.santinello [at]

Roberto Guido Tonon
Tel: (+39) 0461 283165, e-mail: roberto.tonon [at]