This webpage contains information regarding the seminars to obtain ECTS credits, organized in the Department.

The activities may be targeted to students of a specific course, but they can be attended by all students of the Departments.
The acquisition of ECTS credits implies the participation in the seminar and the possible further activities (e.g. a short essay, oral interview, etc.). The professor in charge of the organization of the initiative shall transmit to the competent office the names of the students who acquired the ECTS credits regarding the activity.

During the three-year courses ECTS credits are elective subjects (TAF D).

During the Master’s courses and Specialization degrees ECTS credits are considered as Elective subjects chosen by the students (TAF D) or upon request they may be considered as Other activities (TAF F). Students must require it on the first page of the final essay.

Some ECTS seminars with methodological contents are considered as Methodological Laboratories for the SRS Master’s course (see below for further information). Students must require it on the first page of the final essay. 

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