application/pdfBrochure - Centro Studi di Genere(PDF | 3 MB)

What is it?
It is a study centre that adopts gender differences as a key to interpretation and as an instrument in research and interdisciplinary practices, involving different fields: economic, juridical, political, scientific, social and humanistic.

What is its goal?
The centre’s main aim is to spread gender culture through many different initiatives: cultural exchanges, scientific debates as well as national and international collaborations. The centre also wants to offer its competence to institutions and people. 

What does it do?
In order to encourage interdisciplinary gender studies, the centre offers post-graduate training and lifelong learning activities such as: 

• Master in gender policies in the labour world
• Course on gender studies and inter-culture
• Course on women, politics and institutions

Furthermore, the centre organizes seminars and conferences and takes part in research and experimental projects. 

Who is it addressed to?
The centre is open to lecturers, students, public and private subjects, in the local, national and supranational areas interested in collaborating for the initiatives and in discussing the topics of the debate.

Who are the members?
Both individual and institutional subjects can join the centre. The committee  and managing board are composed of lecturers from different Departments of the University of Trento and by subjects representing public bodies or private organizations. 

How do I join?
All applications must be sent to the managing board by filling in the online form.
Annual enrolment fee:

• free for members of the University of Trento
• 80 euros for external individual subjects
• 300 euros for institutional subjects/associations
• 1.500 euros for supporter bodies/institutions

Where is it?
The secretariat is in the Department of sociology and social research of the University of Trento. Further information about researches, activities, study groups and interesting events can be found at the following link: