The Department of Sociology and Social Research and the Office for Statistics of the Autonomous Province of Trento started a cooperation aimed at a better use of the data collected during the ISTAT campaigns "Multiscopo on families" and "Life conditions EU-silc" carried out in Trentino.

Every year, the researchers, graduate researchers, post-docs and Ph.D. students of the Department are required to draft the report on research activities regarding topics which are chosen in cooperation with the Statistics Office. The reports are published in the publishing line “Comunicazioni” (Communications).

Paolo Boccagni, “Public services: access and use. The Trentino situation in the national framework”. Autonomous Province of Trento – Statistics Office, Trento 2010

This handbook aims at providing an analysis of the use and satisfaction of public services focused on the territory of the Province of Trento, but open to comparison, also at diachronic level, with the rest of the Italian territory, The analysis has been carried out on the basis of the data collected during the survey Multi-purpose, carried out by ISTAT (the Italian National Institute of Statistics) on the daily life of citizens (years 1998-2002-2006). The analysis of the interactions between services and public services is developed following two guidelines:
- Access to services, paying attention to the modalities and conditions which mark such access; and the use of the services, according to the data collected from the evaluation of the users regarding their experience.
The analysis of data collected during the Multipurpose survey, the public services which you may read of in the handbook, after considering the remarks of the interviewees regarding the accessibility, can be divided into three thematic areas:
- Public services based on the access to one helpdesk (i.e.: Civil registry, banks and post offices);
- services provided in the households (electricity and gas), or from the households (waste collection);
- services connected with the demand of social and health protection of citizens (local health services, hospitals, other social-health protection services).
The conclusion of the handbook will sum up the most important data regarding the access and use of such services in Trentino.

Press release of the Autonomous Province of Trento

Press release - Provincia autonoma di Trento.

Enzo Loner, "I trentini e lo sport". Provincia autonoma di Trento - Servizio statistica, Trento, 2009

The Handbook analyses the sports activity in Trentino, starting from a multi-purpose survey “Citizens in their spare time” of 2006 (for the Autonomous Province of Trento 1337 interviews were carried out).
The analysis is divided in 5 parts, which underline a large variety of sports activities and a great synergy between the territory and its inhabitants.
The first part presents an overview of the phenomenon, analysing more in detail the general features and comparing the local situation with the national situation. The second part analyses the reasons for the physical exercise. The analysis tries to detect the reasons which prompt the inhabitants of Trentino to practice sports, the reasons why they do not practice sports or why they stopped.

The third part deals with other activities carried out in their free time: walking, biking, and excursions. The forth part widens the analysis to those who do not practice sports, but like to watch it on the media.
Finally, the fifth part proposes some “general models” to analyse the conditions which favour the sports activities in Trentino and the possible gender differences.

Press release - Provincia autonoma di Trento.