The research laboratory (LaboR) is where the traditional research support activities are carried out by the technical-scientific staff of the Department of sociology and social research. LaboR also develops further applied and methodological research activities, as well as seminars and didactic activities about methods and research in social sciences. 
The project takes into account the experience and qualification of the staff that work in the Department’s research services. 

One of LaboR’s strategic projects is the creation of a social sciences data archive (with quantitative and qualitative data), useful for secondary analysis: the Italian Data Archive for social sciences (IDAss). This archive was created for the Department’s research and for the Faculty’s didactics. 

The scientific manager of the research laboratory (LaboR) is the Department director, or his delegate. 

In order to finance its activities, LaboR can undertake research commissioned by external organizations, as long as compatible with its institutional activities