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Classes will start on Monday, September 14. For the first week they will be held entirely online, through the Zoom platform. Links to specific classes will be provided by the lecturers in charge to people who have registered on the Didattica online - Moodle platform. Students who are still lacking access to Moodle may obtain Zoom links by contacting directly the instructors of the classes that they wish to attend. These early meetings will be devoted, as usual, to introducing class schedules and programs. However, they will also provide a final opportunity to check how many students are willing and able to follow classes on site, and how many have opted instead for online participation. Students may be partitioned in smaller groups if the capacity of the classrooms so requires.

Onsite teaching will start on Monday, September 21. Updated information on the class schedules is available on the EasyAcademy platform (please note that the pdf files, usually accessible through the links at the bottom of this page, will become available when the teaching schedules will be finally confirmed in all details). 


The file ‘AULE’ in the dowload box reports for each classroom information about the access and the way out, as well as about the exact times at which lectures will start and end (the EasyAcademy platform remains the reference for details on the location of specific teaching activities and programs). Detailed maps of each level of the building are also attached.

In order to reduce risks of contagion:

  1. classes in rooms which are close to each other will start and end with at least a 10 minutes gap;
  2. students will only be allowed into the building through the main door at via Verdi 26;
  3. QR-codes for check-in and check-out will be available at the entrance but also on the doors of the classrooms;
  4. classrooms on floors 1 and 2 will only be accessible through the main stairways in front of the entrance. Exit will take place through the stairs on the sides of the building that lead straight to the car park;
  5. classrooms in the basement will only be accessed through the stairs from corte centrale', behind the main stairways. Exit will take place through the stairs that lead straight to the car park.