The Teachers-Students Committee is active within the Department of Sociology and Social Research.

The Teachers-Students Committee:

  • oversees the teaching activities;
  • expresses opinions on the quality of teaching activities and the services provided to the students;
  • guarantees the right to study;
  • addresses to the Department Council an annual report on teaching activities.

The Teachers-Students Committee is composed by three Departement's members chosen by the Department’s Council, one of whom will be the Director, and three students chosen among the students' representatives.  The Committee is appointed every two years.




  • Fiorella Bredariol,  e-mail fiorella.bredariol [at]
  • Carlo Maria Dimitri, e-mail carlomaria.dimitri [at]
  • Serena Gulmini, e-mail serena.gulmini [at]


commissione.paritetica [at]