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The Department of Sociology and Social Research (DSRS) was officially opened on 29 October, 2012 after the approval of the new Statute of the University of Trento, as per Rector’s Decree n. 167, 23 April 2012. The DSRS aims at achieving scientific and teaching objective which involve various subject areas. The creation of the Department allows for the fusion between research and teaching activities, which were previously managed separately, respectively by the former Faculty and Department of Sociology and Social Research.

At institutional level these two former structures have been dismantled, to make room for the new Department, while they are still in place at substantial level. We are proud to remember that the Faculty of Sociology was instituted in Trento, in 1962, thus creating an area devoted to this discipline. It was the first faculty of sociology in Italy, and it remained the only one for long and it contributed in an incomparable way to establish the professional figure of the sociologist, in Italy, through an advanced training, since 1983, thanks to the Ph.D. Course in Sociology and Social Research and to foster the dialogue between sociology and other disciplines, as the structure itself of the DSRS underlines.