Alicia Chiodi

PhD student interested in Risk-taking, Fun and Emotions in the domain of Lifestyle Sports, approached drawing from Cultural Interactionism and Carnal Sociology with Ethnographic, Creative and Visual Research Methods.

Research proposalRisk-taking in Times of Climate Change. An Ethnography of Mountaineering

Tutors: Andrea Cossu (Unitn); Chiara Bassetti (Unitn)

Mariya Lenko

PhD student interested in within couple inequalities; occupational homogamy; partner's effect; life course research; linked lives perspective; quantitative methods.

Research proposal: Linking Occupations and Couple’s Homogamy. Mechanisms and Trajectories

Tutor: Stefani Scherer (Unitn)

Flavia Mazzeo

PhD student intersted in couples, fertility, union dissolution, social demography, gender and social inequalities.

Research proposal: Within couples' economic inequalities and family demographic processes: a life course perspective

Tutors: Nicole Hiekel (MPIDR);  Agnese Vitali (Unitn)

Ben Scane

PhD student interested in Work-life balance; Social networks; Time use and activity patterns; Well-being and satisfaction; Work-family balance

Research proposal: The Social Lives of the Post-Pandemic Teleworker

Tutor: Filip Agneessens (Unitn)

Julia Tena Mensa

PhD student interested in Alternative food systems; Working conditions; Sociology of food; Social inequalities; Participatory approaches; Commons

Research proposal: Understanding Farmers' Working Conditions in Alternative Food Networks

Tutors: Chiara Bassetti (Unitn); Maurizio Teli (Aalborg University); Filip Majetic (Ivo Pilar Institute)

Marco Pernarella

PhD student interested in Social movements; Knowledge dissemination; Digital Methods; Quali-quantitative Methods; Epistemic justice; Environmental and climate justice movements;

Research proposal: Knowledge spreading within and beyond the transnational environmental justice movement: an epistemic justice approach

Tutor: Elena Pavan (Unitn)

Eva Bommartini

Tutor: Katia Pilati (Unitn)